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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sometimes I fuck up, I know it’s hard to fathom but it happens. With women it’s usually permanent, they might be smiling and laugh at your jokes but the storm is brewing and she will have her revenge. Fortunately GIT is more willing to work with me in reconciling my mistakes. Hello GIT rebase.

There is enough documentation out there on rebase, so I’m just going to make a quick note here so that I can avoid swimming through Google results and the GIT manual.

Revert the commit:

git revert vd67abx2

Delete the last commit on branch master:

git push repoName +dc61lb62^:master

Delete a previous commit down to the last parent:

git rebase -i dc61bb12^

When the editor pops up, delete the lines of the commits you want to expunge from the repo. If you want to edit the commit message, change ‘pick’ to ‘edit’.